Since 2008, AFTM, a creative initiative of Wesley Mission Queensland, has been instrumental in bringing artists together and bridging the gap between artists living in isolation, the public and the wider community. AFTM supports and promotes the work of Outsider Artists — those living with adversity, disadvantage and social isolation, living with mental health issues, physical or intellectual disabilities, and homelessness. Annually, AFTM provides exhibition and professional development opportunities for over 400 artists living in and around the South East Queensland region.

The first AFTM exhibition was held in the Albert Street Uniting Church in 2008 and proudly became part of the Brisbane Festival’s annual programme. Now redeveloped as the AFTM National Biennial Outsider Art Award, the exhibition is an opportunity for artists and community art groups from across Australia to showcase their artwork to a wider audience.

AFTM is pleased to announce that the inaugural AFTM National Biennial Outsider Art Award exhibition will be held at AFTM Gallery & Studios, 136 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley (See map in appendix) Monday 2 September – Saturday 5 October 2019.

Submitting your entry: Entries for the Award will be open from Monday, 29 April 2019 – Friday, 19 July 2019. Please fill in the online entry form. Completed entry forms for the Award must be submitted by 5.00pm on Friday, 19 July 2019. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before submitting your entry form. By entering the AFTM Art Awards, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions. Please note that entry does not guarantee inclusion in the National Award exhibition. Preliminary judging will be from photographs and digital images, with shortlisted finalists only included in the exhibition.

Date, time and address for physical delivery of finalist works:
AFTM Gallery & Studios, 136 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley between: Monday 5 August – Thursday 8 August 2018,
10am - 4pm NB: group submissions will be scheduled for delivery via individual communication with AFTM.

How to Enter:

Inquiries and questions Any inquiries about the National Biennial Outsider Art Awards, including conditions of entry, may be directed to - Phone 3151 6655 or email

*If you need help understanding the terms and conditions or help filling out your entry form, please let us know and we will be happy to assist. Also, please advise us if you require the entry form in a different format.


1. Who is an outsider artist?

  • 1.1    Artists living with a physical and/or intellectual disability
  • 1.2   Artists living with a mental health issue
  • 1.3  Artists with a refugee or Indigenous background living with adversity
  • 1.4  Artists experiencing homelessness and/or living in social isolation
  • 1.5  If entrants are unsure if they meet the criteria above, please contact AFTM and your inquiry will be discussed in confidence.

2. Who can enter? To qualify for entry, entrants must:

  • 12.1    Meet the criteria above for an outsider artist (artists must sign the declaration section of the entry form)
  • 12.2    Pay $10.00 entry fee per artwork (artists unable to pay the entry fee to contact AFTM if experiencing hardship)
  • 12.3    Parents, carers and arts workers are welcome to submit an application on behalf of entrant/s
  • 12.4    Be an early/mid-career or emerging artist
  • 12.5    Be an Australian resident, living and working in Australia.

3. What kind of works can be submitted? Media can include but are not restricted to:

  • 3.1 2-D media: drawing, painting, photographic and printmaking
  • 3.2 3-D objects: sculpture and ceramics
  • 3.3 An artist may submit up to 2 works in total per exhibition year (see dimension restrictions below).

4. Restrictions on works being entered There are some restrictions governing the works that can be submitted:

  • 4.1 Works submitted must be the original work of the artist
  • 4.2 Artwork/s submitted must have been created within the last 2 years
  • 4.3 A work entered in previous AFTM Art Awards will be not be accepted into the National Biennial Outsider Art Awards
  • 4.4 The maximum size of a 2D artwork MUST be no more than 84.1cm on the longest side of the artwork. 3D artworks MUST fit into a space of no more than 60cm x 60cm
  • 4.5 Artworks should weigh no more than 5kg total
  • 4.6 AFTM reserves the right to accept or reject artworks for entry
  • 4.7 All special instructions related to installation of artwork must be included at time of application.

 5. Entry process The following criteria are required when entering:

  • 5.1 All entries will be accepted via the online entry form by 5.00pm on Friday, 19 July 2019
  • 5.2 Please complete all required fields on the entry form
  • 5.3 The artwork statement should contain no more than 100 words per artwork as space in the exhibition is limited. Artwork statements may also be accompanied by an artist statement and biography or resume of not more than one A4 page.
  • 5.4 Please submit digital images of your artworks with your entry submission. Images must be 72dpi and in JPEG format and be no more than 2mb each.
  • 5.5 Entries will be shortlisted from digital images and only selected finalists will be exhibited in the National Biennial Outsider Art Awards at AFTM Gallery & Studios
  • 5.6 All physical artworks of selected finalists must be received on or before the closing date specified in the ‘Exhibition Summary’ (attached). Artwork delivery and collection is the responsibility of the artist.

6. General agreements:

  • 6.1 Artists agree to make their works available for the entire duration of the National Biennial Outsider Art Award, should they be selected as finalists. Once entered into the exhibition, works may not be substituted due to sales
  • 6.2 AFTM will add 20% commission plus GST to your listed insurance value if the work/s are for sale. Please list as NFS if work is not for sale
  • 6.3 Whilst all due care is taken of the works once delivered, neither AFTM, nor any of its employees, agents or volunteer helpers will be responsible for any damage to or loss of a work, however caused, whether by accident, negligence or otherwise. Works are delivered to and left with AFTM entirely at the artist’s risk. Entrants can appropriately and adequately insure their work/s, if desired. NB: Works priced over $3000 are accepted via negotiation with AFTM
  • 6.4 Artists who are unable to personally deliver and collect their work need to make provision for delivery and return of their artworks. Works will not be returned by AFTM, unless prior arrangements have been made
  • 6.5 Artists who enter the Awards and are selected for the finalist exhibition authorise and agree to permit AFTM and its affiliates to publish artist’s names on the website, photograph the work, publish the photographs to promote AFTM and future awards, including on social media. Credit will be attributed to artists where possible
  • 6.6 Entrants warrant that they are the copyright owner of the artworks submitted with the entry and he or she indemnifies AFTM and its affiliates for any breach of infringement or copyright.

7. Delivery and hanging criteria Please adhere to the following:

  • 7.1 PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF DATES AND TIMES FOR DELIVERY AND COLLECTION OF WORKS, AS THESE WILL BE STRICTLY APPLIED. Works cannot be stored at AFTM offices and organisers accept no responsibility for artworks after due dates. Remaining art works become the property of AFTM after final collection date expires
  • 7.2 All works should be clearly marked with the artist’s name, title, date and medium of artwork and price (excluding commission and GST) on the back of the artwork. Any packaging must also be clearly marked.
  • 7.3 ALL artworks to be hung should be framed and ready to hang using secure D-rings fixed 8-10cm from the top of the frame on the back of the work and wire affixed. Photographs and other works on paper must be suitably mounted or otherwise prepared for display (see appendix).
  • 7.4 All framed artwork must use Perspex, glass will not be permitted.
  • 7.5 3-Dimensional artworks and sculpture must be suitably packaged with installation and display instructions provided with each entry.

8. About the Awards:

  • 8.1 The Award winners will receive Awards specified in the ‘Exhibition Summary’ supported by the Award sponsors also named in the ‘Exhibition Summary’.
  • 8.2 The Award winners will be announced at the official opening on Friday 6 September 2019.
  • 8.3 All Awards will be presented at the 2019 ARTIST CELEBRATION DAY event and published on the AFTM website. Finalists work will be exhibited at AFTM Galley & Studios, 136 Brunswick Street Gallery from 2 September – 5 October 2019 and published in the National Biennial Outsider Art Award exhibition catalogue.
  • 8.3 Certificates will also be presented to all Finalists on the Artist Celebration Day event held at the Albert Street Uniting Church, Brisbane – Saturday 7 September 2019.

9. The judge/s How judging works:

  • 9.1 The judge for the Awardis Steven Alderton, Director and CEO, National Art School, Sydney. The judge/s will choose the Finalists and recipients of all awards except for People’s Choice Awards.
  • 9.2 The judge will review and assess all entries received, and will decide which artworks are awarded on the basis of:

9.2.1 Compliance with entry terms and conditions

9.2.2 The quality of the work/s submitted as determined by judge

9.2.3 Agreement by judge and AFTM

  • 9.3 The decision of the judge is final
  • 9.4 Winners will be notified prior to the official opening of the National Biennial Outsider Art Award
  • 9.5 Please notify AFTM if you do not wish to have your artworks judged.

10. The National Biennial Outsider Art Award is an open themed award

  • 10.1 Artists and art groups are encouraged to submit work/s on any theme or subject relevant to outsider art practice.

11. Information for art group entrants:

  • 11.1 Please have ALL your paperwork for your group entry completed before submitting your entry
  • 11.2 Unless the artwork is a collective group artwork, all artists in your group must have a separate entry form with images of their artworks included
  • 11.3 Please make sure your artists’ entries follow the terms and conditions outlined in this document
  • 11.4 Ultimate decision regarding exhibition design and placement of Finalist artworks will be decided by AFTM event organisers. The decision of AFTM is final.
  • 11.5 Individual artworks that are entered by a group, if selected as a Finalist, may not be hung together with other successful group entries.

13. Collection criteria After the National Biennial Outsider Art Award:

  • 13.1 Unsold artworks will be packed and ready for collection WEDNESDAY 9OCTOBER – FRIDAY 11 OCTOBER 2019, between 10 – 4pm. All sold and unsold works must be collected from AFTM at the latest by FRIDAY 11 OCTOBER 2019.
  • 13.2 Artworks not collected one month after the collection dates above, and in the absence of appropriate arrangements under clause 6 above, will be deemed to be the property of AFTM and may be disposed of by AFTM
  • 13.3 Invoices for artworks sold at the National Biennial Outsider Art Award need to be organised by the artists or their representatives upon notification of their sold work/s and within one week of the close of the exhibition. Please note - It will take 3 weeks to process payment after AFTM receives a completed invoice. Artists without an ABN will need to complete a statement of supplier form, available from ATO, to be supplied with invoice.

 Exhibition Summary:

• Opening date for entries: Monday 29 April 2019

• Closing date for receipt of entries: Friday 19 July 2019

• Confirmation of selection as Finalist within 1 week of closing date of entries

• Entry is $10.00 entry fee per art work (artists unable to pay the entry fee to contact AFTM if experiencing hardship).

There will be a 20% commission plus GST taken on sales – AFTM will add this to your listed price

Date, time and address for delivery of Finalists works: AFTM Gallery & Studios, 136 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane between: MONDAY 5 AUGUST – THURSDAY 8 AUGUST, 10am - 4pm NB: group submissions will be scheduled for delivery via individual communication with AFTM

Awards: There is over $6,000 worth of prizes on offer including $5000 First Prize, $1000 Runner Up, 5 x Emerging Artists Mentorship Prize and People’s Choice. All Award Finalists will be featured in the exhibition catalogue. Award winner labels will be placed next to the winning artist’s work in the National Biennial Outsider Art Awardexhibition. A special certificate will also be presented to winners at the Artist Celebration and Award Day event. Winners will also receive promotion on all AFTM and its affiliate’s social media platforms. Every Finalist will receive a certificate of participation.

Event Dates:

National Biennial Outsider Art Award Monday 2 September – Saturday 5 October 2019

Exhibition will be open from Monday - Saturday, 10am – 4pm, AFTM Gallery & Studios, 136 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Queensland.

Judge/s Critique time and date TBC

Official opening + Prize announcement Friday 6 September 2019, 6 – 8pm. The opening event is free, and all persons who have entered the exhibition are invited to attend with their family and friends

Awards Celebration Day for Artists Saturday 7 September 2019, 1.30 – 3pm, Albert Street Uniting Church, 319 Albert Street, Brisbane. The AFTM Artists Celebration event is free, and all persons who have entered the exhibition are invited to attend

National Biennial Outsider Art Award exhibition of Finalists will continue at AFTM until 5 October 2019.

Date, time and address for collection of works - for entrants and buyers:

WEDNESDAY 9 OCTOBER – FRIDAY 11 OCTOBER 2019, 10am – 4pm at AFTM Gallery & Studios, 136 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley. ALL ARTWORKS MUST BE COLLECTED BY FRIDAY 11 OCTOBER 2019! 


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