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Art from the Margins (AFTM) is a creative initiative of Wesley Mission Queensland. AFTM brings artists together and bridges the gap between artists and the wider community. AFTM supports the creative development of artists living with mental health issues, experiencing homelessness, living with physical or intellectual disabilities. Since 2008, AFTM has supported more than one thousand artists and over fifty community art groups located within the Brisbane area and beyond. Your support will mean we can continue to offer workshops and materials to those who have little.

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Support AFTM and make a real difference.

Your support will make a real difference to someone's life. Your support will help break down social barriers, ignorance and prejudice.

People living with mental illness, physical and intellectual disabilities, homelessness and other adverse circumstances benefit from participating in creative programs and from opportunities to engage with the wider community. AFTM, its partners and supporters see and hear evidence of these benefits on a daily basis.

AFTM's vision is to offer positive support to artists facing isolation, disadvantage and prejudice. There are many ways you can help achieve this vision. Whether it's volunteering to help at an AFTM exhibition, attending one of our many events, buying a local artist's work, offering your time or expertise, choosing to make a financial donation or becoming a sponsor for one of our events – every contribution to AFTM makes a significant difference in the lives of our artists. How our artists meet their challenges offers us inspiration and hope.


"Thanks to Art from the Margins, I can keep using my voice, telling my story, and connecting with people around me through my painting."

Janice Crosbie – AFTM 2019 Emerging Artist

Read more about her story



Donate Supplies

AFTM runs regular art workshops and we are always in need of art supplies.

If you can help out in any way please contact us.


Holding your own fundraising event – a dinner party, afternoon tea, corporate golf day or movie night is not only a great way to support AFTM's program, but it also helps promote AFTM's work. It's amazing what can be achieved when family, friends and colleagues work together.

We know that fundraising can look like a big undertaking but the result makes an even bigger difference to the lives of AFTM artists.  If you've got a great idea for a fundraising event, please contact our fundraising committee to see how they might be able to provide support. e:


Your generosity means we can keep helping our artists.

Your donation helps us provide positive support to artists experiencing disadvantage. AFTM offers a range of formal and informal programs, including arts workshops, mentoring, creative development and exhibitions and displays.

Gifts of $2 or more are tax deductible.

"AFTM is like a light shining through the mist, showing you a direction, giving you a hope. It is a place you'll find warmth, supporting you when you need a helping hand."

Catherine – AFTM workshop artist



Please be sure to list Art from the Margins as your preferred beneficiary


Art from the Margins needs your help. Please submit an expression of interest to -                       

AFTM accepts interns throughout the year. We benefit from the experience just as much as our interns do. If you are considering allocating your time to a busy not-for-profit organisation please consider us. Our interns have been invaluable to us – and in return we truly value their time.              

If you would like to offer your energy and time - we would like to hear from you.
Please indicate in your email if you have any specific skills and how much time you can devote to AFTM. We would love to work with you.